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Anthony Taylor Realty thrives on satisfying its buyers, renters and sellers. Dedication to developing long-term client relationships places clients’ best interests and concerns first in every transaction.

Satisfied clients below share their experiences with Anthony Taylor Realty.

The Burnetts

"We would highly recommend Anthony Taylor Realty's services for any residential or commercial real estate matter. I contacted Anthony Taylor to assist my husband and me in purchasing a new home a couple of years ago. Mr. Taylor began researching homes within our price range and contacting sellers to arrange showings right away. Since it was our first home, we had many questions and some understandable apprehension, but Mr. Taylor was prompt and thorough in his responses and used his knowledge in the field to help us maintain a realistic outlook of the market. Other agents involved in the process also informed us that they were impressed with how well Mr. Taylor worked with them to make our dream of owning a home come true. In a short time, Mr. Taylor was able to find us a home we loved. The best part of it all was that we closed the loan on our home ON TIME and without any problems. We know that with professionalism and determination, Anthony Taylor Realty Services will also make your goals their priority."  

K. Tate

"I appreciate a real estate company available to satisfy my needs. I wanted to lease a home and had two friends to each refer me to a real estate company. To make a long story short, I contacted the other real estate company first because it was the first referral, and the agent seemed busy when I told him about what I wanted. Broker Anthony Taylor didn't have a problem with finding me a lease home and did it within a day. I moved in the home within two weeks and am happy to be living in it and the neighborhood it's located. I recommend anyone searching for a lease home to choose Anthony Taylor Realty to assist you."             

J. Anderson                                                                                                       

"Broker Anthony Taylor was beneficial. He prepared us for the process by telling us everything needed to get our home and we were quickly approved."

T. W.

“I learned a lot when selling my home through Anthony Taylor Realty. It didn’t stay long on the market when listening to and following the broker’s advice. I say leave it to the professionals when wanting to get the job done.”    

Mr. & Mrs. Williams

“Excitement and relief were our reactions after closing on our first house. We couldn’t believe we were going to become homeowners. We didn’t know the expectancy of purchasing a home and were scared and skeptical before meeting Mr. Anthony Taylor, or as we refer to him, “the broker with all the knowledge.” He thoroughly explained everything throughout the process and made it easier.”   

Anthony Taylor Realty homebuyer

"Broker Anthony Taylor was my backbone. I went to him with “I know everything” attitude and didn’t listen to him at first. I discovered everything he told me was correct and in my best interest. The house he found for me and took me to see on the first day became my home.”                                                 

R. Lee

"I thought it was impossible to make my dream come true after dealing with lots of issues and frustration. Anthony Taylor Realty helped to make my dreams a reality and fought and got me into a home."                                                                                    

Keith G.

“I have been using Anthony Taylor’s services since he was just a real estate agent. He sold my first home, found my second and is now helping me find an investment property. All I have to say is there was no need for me to change when satisfied.”            

R. Bell

“Thank you Anthony Taylor Realty for your wonderful services. One thing that’s really worth mentioning that I experienced when using you, Mr. Taylor, as my broker, was my importance was not about how much money I was trying to spend. Mr. Taylor, you have always been about helping and treating people with little money or lots of money the same.”                 

T. Waddell

“I would like to say that the service that was provided to me by Anthony Taylor Realty is nothing short of exemplary. Mr. Taylor has always demonstrated professionalism and dedication to his work and his clients and is someone you can definitely count on to get the job done. I would recommend Anthony Taylor Realty to assist anyone with real estate needs.”                                                                                                 

C. Lauder

"Contacting Anthony Taylor Realty was the best thing I've done. After 10 years of adding up what I paid renting, I could have almost been finished paying a 30 year loan on a house."                                                                                                   

H. Banks

"I always thought I'd never be able to get a home. Anthony Taylor Realty expanded my mind and showed me the difference I'd pay for a home and the apartment I was seeking. I realized I'd be better off in the long run paying for something to own than to rent."